How to Import a Matterport Scan into Altspace

Jimmy Zhang
2 min readApr 23, 2021

Matterport is scanning the world! Mostly real estate and hotel rooms at the moment but their scans look amazing. How can you show off your scans in Virtual Reality? This guide will show you how to create a shared experience in AltspaceVR.

WARNING: This is an advanced guide :-). I assume you have some experience with World Building and the Unity Uploader. If not, you can get started here.

We’re basically going to create a World with a custom Template (Unity3D environment) containing our Matterport scan and then hop into Altspace to check it out with friends all within 15 minutes. Here’s the end result:


Download a MatterPak

Download the sample “Wine Store” MatterPak from here. If you want to try with your own MatterPak, check out these instructions.

Click “Download”

Create a Template

More > Templates

Create a World

  2. Choose a Universe
  3. Click “Create World”
  4. Choose the Template you just created, fill out some details, and save
  5. Note the Entry Code so it’ll be easier to find later

Upload Your Unity Scene

  1. Create a new Unity Project
  2. Copy the entire “3D MatterPak” folder into “Assets”
  3. Drag the “.obj” file into the scene
  4. Rotate entire thing by -90 degrees in the X axis
  5. Add a plane for the “floor” (10x10x10 is probably fine)
  6. Remove the default mesh collider component
  7. Add a box collider component and make sure it’s on Layer 14: Nav Mesh so we can teleport onto it and not fall through the floor
  8. Import the latest Unity Uploader package and sign in
  9. Choose the Template you created earlier as the target
  10. Build and upload your Template
  11. Share the Entry Code with your friends so you can all meet there


  • Use the World Editor to add a Spawn Point and a Skybox
  • The default Matterport scale is 1:1 so it should “feel” fine but you’re welcome to play around with the scale
  • Watch the file size. Scans can be pretty large (100MB+)so upload the Template for each platform (windows vs android vs mac) separately
  • Want to iterate faster? Just upload for PC when experimenting and when you’re happy, upload for all platforms.
  • Having trouble? Ask the #World-Building channel in our Discord.