How to use Altspace Teleport Buttons

Jimmy Zhang
3 min readAug 31, 2021


There’s a new “Teleport Button” in the Altspace “Buttons” Kit. You can use it to teleport people to location within the same World. First, you need to spawn a “Destination” Object and give it a custom name. The Object could be from a Kit and even another Teleport Button. That’s where users will teleport to. Note that this name needs to be unique across all the Objects in the World so make it a good one.

Next, spawn a Teleport Button (Altspace > Kits > Buttons), you need to fill in the “Teleport Destination Name” and click Confirm.

Click the Teleport Button and you should immediately appear in the new location, in this case, on top of the giant blue coaster.

Demo World

You can try this out right now in my “Teleport Button Demo” World:



  • Why is my teleport failing? Try setting the destination as another Teleport Button. That may be more reliable. Also, make sure there is something underneath the destination for the users to “fall” onto. It there’s nothing underneath the destination or it’s too far away, users may fall for too long and trigger a repawn.
  • Is there a range limit? Not that I know of but I’ve been told weird things happen at ~100,000 meters from Origin though.
  • How many of these can we have in a World? These are lightweight so I would guess anything under 1000 is fine.
  • Can you be grabbing an object while using this? Yes, but not with the same hand. Go to Menu > Settings > Input > Left Cursor Always On.
  • Can I have two pointed at the same Destination? Yes. It’s a simple teleport function.
  • How can I customize the look of these buttons? One technique is to spawn an object that encapsulates the button, like a sphere and remove the collider. When a user points their cursor toward the sphere they can click it but they’re really clicking the button inside.
  • Can these take you to another World? No, they are “intra-World” meaning just within a single World.
  • Does this mean I can put a bunch of Worlds into one World? Yes, with some extra work, you can create more complex Worlds and have users teleport from one area to another. This gives you better performance because you can use tricks like draw distance and occlusion culling. However, this will not help much in Worlds with many SDK apps for example.